How it works

Rusty has six cars based in different locations across Leicester – see the Our Vehicles page for the latest information on this.

Booking Vehicles

Bookings are made online using a Google Calendar. We average four members per vehicle, so a good mix of requirements and good coordination means that vehicles are available as and when people need them.

Collecting and dropping off vehicles

After making a booking, each member arranges with the Keeper of that vehicle (or its previous user) to collect and drop off the vehicle and its keys at an agreed time and location.


New members pay a one-off £20 joining fee, and all members then pay a £7.50 monthly subscription plus a mileage rate. These fees pay for everything – insurance, road tax, petrol, repairs, breakdown cover, and replacement vehicles.

Mileage rates (at August 2017) range from 30p to 56p per mile, depending on the particular vehicle being used and the distance travelled.  A “Local Rate” applies to miles driven within the city (or the first 10 miles out of or into the city on longer journeys) with a lower “Long Rate” applying to all other miles.

More information

To find out in more detail how the pool works, please look at our Guidelines for members: Welcome to Rusty VSG – Aug 2017