Our Vehicles

Rusty has five vehicles, located across Leicester.

We have a range of practical vehicles from small cars for short trips around town to larger vehicles which can carry more people and luggage. All vehicles use unleaded petrol – Rusty does not purchase diesel vehicles to minimise urban air pollution. We typically average around 3 members per vehicle, so a good mix of requirements, plus co‑ordination, avoids most difficulties and conflicts of needs.

Our current vehicles are:

  • Renault Clio – small (three-door) four/five-seater hatchback
  • Toyota Corolla – automatic small car
  • Ford Focus – medium five-seater
  • Ford Galaxy – a seven-seater, with a spacious interior, great for trips with many people or for lots of luggage
  • Toyota Yaris – small (three-door) with plenty of storage space for a small car

Vehicles are based in different locations across the city to match up with the needs of our current membership. Each vehicle is based with a member of the car pool – the ‘Keeper’ of the vehicle.  Current approximate locations are shown in the map below (last updated January 2018 – click on map for further details).

Note: vehicles may have moved since this map was created. Don’t despair if a vehicle isn’t kept near where you live – we often move where vehicles are kept to best fit with the needs of our membership.